Blood of the Fox

Blood of the Fox

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{Chapter 20&21 Updated!}

Original xianxia novel with strong elements of Chinese historical fantasy and romance. 

Ruyi is one of the last fox spirits remaining in the Nine Realms. As a lowly maidservant in the Heavenly Realm, she hopes to trade a hundred years of service with a thousand years of advancement in cultivation.

But in the poisonous atmosphere of the Inner Court where the sons of the Jade Emperor vy for power and control and where the Concubines dream of love and hide knives behind every fragrant smile, Ruyi is about to come into her own and discover her destiny and her legacy as the last of the fox spirits...


"What are you doing here?"

The voice, quiet and cutting, broke her concentration. Ruyi broke out in cold sweat as her qi spiked and she breathed slowly as she brought it back under control. When she could, she looked up.

The Third Prince Yuezhen was standing in front of her wearing a bemused expression. He was wearing his dark purple robes as usual, and carried a long sheathed sword in his hand. The bright moonlight turned his dark hair to silver.

"Are you a maid? This Fragrant Harmony Garden isn't for maidservants to play in."

"Why not?" The words came out before she could control herself. "I'm the one that spends the most time here cleaning after all."

The corner of his lips jerked into a half smile. "You are the maid from this afternoon. Are the maids in the Empress' palace so ill disciplined? Don't you even know to make the proper greeting to a master?"


Written in the style of a Chinese light novel and will be updated frequently.


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