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A Touch of Scarlet

A Touch of Scarlet

684K Reads 29.9K Votes 44 Part Story By SimoneRutherford Completed

We're brought into this world to live; eat, learn, sleep, repeat, repeat, and repeat again. Until eventually the time comes when we die. Or at least that's how it's supposed to work right? 
  For some reason I don't think it's working out that way for me.
  • • •
      "Thick eyelashes frame deep 
   blue eyes, freckles sprinkle across his pale cheekbones. His thick, tousled-white hair falls messily over part of his right eye. 
  A blush starts to creep into my cheeks the longer I stare but I can't look away-- his features are so unflawed that they seem to resemble some sort of marble-like stone. It's almost as if he's not human at all."
  • • •
  Lydia Ames's second last year in 
  high school starts off with an accident where she looses the only family member she has left. 
  As if that's not the worst part already, she also has a permanent reminder of the day's events.
  However when she meets a certain boy and his friends her whole world changes completely. The question is did it change for the better?
  Or will it end in the loss of everything and everyone she has left?
  *This version of A Touch of Scarlet is a first draft* 
  #1 in Vampire - September 13th, 2015

PrincessKk6 PrincessKk6 Jul 08
Wait so she did die ? 
                              I thought she just didn't wake up yet 😭
PrincessKk6 PrincessKk6 Jul 08
Yes and considering the book is under "vampire" category. 
                              Then yes he is in fact most likely not human
I shouldn't have readied what genera this book was 😣. Now I probobly know why she healed so fast... Or don't I? 😏
PrincessKk6 PrincessKk6 Jul 08
Ik like 
                              "dammit it's my turn, look away so I can look them when I look away you may look. your making this more complicated than it needs to be" 
                              *sighs loudly; dramatically*
So I've apparently read this book before... I don't remember it at all
I wanna cry so bad mann😭😭 He is just😭😭 But😭😭 I-😭😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🤤