The Diggory Sister(Part 3) A Harry Potter Love Story

The Diggory Sister(Part 3) A Harry Potter Love Story

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Delia's POV-

Cedric and dad went down to Diagon Alley today to get Cedric's school supplies and to spoil him for getting prefect for Hufflepuff, so me and Mum were home and are going to get my things tomorrow.

"Mum, I don't understand why we have to throw a party for Cedric," I said while helping her in the kitchen. "Your father," she said, "he's very proud of him."

"He's always proud of Cedric," I mumbled. "That's not true dear," she said coming over and turning me around, "I am proud of you and so is Cedric and your father," she said kissing my head, "It's only a few of Cedric's friends and Remus is coming over."

I smiled, "Are you serious?" I asked her. See Remus is one of my godfathers, but he's more like family then that. Him and mum went to school together along with Sirius Black, James Potter and Lily Evans and they were all friends.

James and Lily were also my godparents then they passed away and ...

    OR MORE! 
                                  DAMN SHE SHIPS IT BEFORE EVEN SEEING IT!!!
    Anybody just realize that Mrs. Diggory and Mrs. Potter are named after Flowers
    _Dapholicious_ _Dapholicious_ Aug 10, 2016
    'Are you Sirius' that's the only thing I saw when I read that
    ThatNerdInClass ThatNerdInClass Feb 14, 2016
    Sorry grammar nazi kicked in its "sit down and breathe" not "sit down and breath"
    FaithNeedsToShutUp FaithNeedsToShutUp Mar 14, 2016
    that makes me remeber one time my sister hit my head with our blue broom
    Wiredhawkes Wiredhawkes Jan 30, 2016
    Has Delia wrote to Krum or Fleur or The Irish team yet? 'Cause I swear that she was meant to?