Living with the Colten boys

Living with the Colten boys

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Jazlyn By shesjust_thatgirl11 Updated Jun 14

//Like a moth drawn to a flame, Taylah prayed that light would brighten her life, not burn her alive//

Taylah Stevenson begins to fade into another world after loosing both her parents in a plane crash. When the 16 year old is forced to go live with another family she has never met, they begin to coax her slowly out of her shell and she discovers that life's not all that bleak. 

With no idea of what awaits her, she is thrown into a different world where boys rule girls' emotions and rules are bent. 

The Colton boys are definitely something else.

As fast as I can in heels is a inch so.... I'd wear converses
That z just adds flare! This is coming from a girl with the name Emma spelled like every other
Omg my name is JAZZLYN this is so weird but cool at the same time
Smh. Sure. And that's why the tree trunk has the imprint of you
elmo2321 elmo2321 Aug 08
I like your name btw I now that's a weird thing to say  but MEH im not normal 😂❤️
Dashavu123 Dashavu123 Jul 26
that's funny cuz I would have been like the school's hottest guy just winked at me!