The Alpha's Mistake (bxb) Old Version #cringey

The Alpha's Mistake (bxb) Old Version #cringey

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Snow Flake❄️ By Snowy_OwlDarling Updated a day ago

"I'm not fùcking gay!" Hunter growls out, his fists collide with a poor locker as pack members look with shock. 

I'm frozen in place as Hunter lashes out, my heart beats fast as his cold black eyes set on me. He bares his canines and it breaks my trance, i hold up my arms in front of me in a stop motion as I step back slowly. 

"Hey, whoah whoah whoah, buddy." I start, moving back faster as he walks closer to me. 

"You." He growls out angrily. He lunges at me, his claws barely missing my throat, pack members gasp, whispering in horror and shock. Everybody knew he didn't accept gay mates, especially if they were ranked. He didn't mind as much if they were unimportant, but if they needed heirs he minded a ton.

I take my opportunity to run away as he lays on the floor, I run into the boys bathroom and go into one of the stalls, fumbling with the door till it's locked tight. 

I slide down the wall, my heart assaulting my chest as I try to calm myself down. Tears slowly slip down my cheeks as I hug my knees to my body. 


Have you ever felt the pure hatred of somebody who's suppose to love and cherish you? 

Have you ever wished you could just be the gender, to make life easier? 

Take a step into Ethan Rees life, he's just a normal boy, well, werewolf. He's an omega, the lowest of the low, but surprisingly, people like and know him. 

Nobody feels threatened by him, he's just the boy next door, till Hunter Adams turns eighteen. Everything goes down hill, Hunter THINKS he's like every other guy. 

He's soon to be alpha, has the perfect girlfriend, how can life be bad when everything is good? 

Hunter learns his mate is an omega, and a boy. He has to learn that not everything will go his way, or turn the way he thinks. 

Join a weird and adventurous battle of love, hatred, and lot of acceptance.

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