A D R E N A L {A SciFi RP}

A D R E N A L {A SciFi RP}

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(My first rp book!)

The year is 2199.
At around 2069, people with powers started to pop up around the world, at a very low rate. These people were a minority amongst the population, maybe ten or fifteen percent of the world. Most of them, however, could not control their power, and have to be kept in containment facilities around the world.
Even now, after 130 years of existing, these people are still considered dangerous and must be contained.

*Powerful Story*

You are a Powerful, a person with a power. You have recently been captured, and you are in a containment facility in an unknown location in the United States.
There is another kid there. He's a little weird, but he's alright. He's always saying his name at the beginning of his sentences. Magnus. He says he's going to lead a rebellion against the people who think that the Powerful can't control their powers, and prove them wrong. Sounds like a good plan, other than the fact that most of them CAN'T control their powers. But he says we can learn.
I guess we should join.

*Officer Story*

You are an officer in an unknown location in the US, the same one as the one where the rebellion is starting to arise. You must try your best to keep the Powerful contained, all under the command under the Warden and his second in command, the General.
It is your choice what to do when you hear about the rebellion.