I'm Lovin It! (BoyxBoy)

I'm Lovin It! (BoyxBoy)

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Becca Blue By MelodyOfADream Completed

Percy is one of the most adorable teenagers you will ever get the honor of meeting. With such a shy and timid personality, you can't help but love him. Kale on the other hand, is just... well Kale. A notorious player and the ultimate bad boy. But now, Kale had set his sights on a new target - Percy. 

Add love, confusion and idiotic friends to spice up the situation and we have ourselves the story that is... I'm Lovin' It. 

                                     ****Warning~BoyxBoy~Eventual Sexual Content~****

KandeeKush KandeeKush Jun 07
Will peanut butter cookies do? I was just about to make some.
PanicAtTheFallOut32 PanicAtTheFallOut32 Dec 29, 2016
Me on a daily basis. I swear, my conscious is a sassy ghetto woman.
UnknownSpirit1812 UnknownSpirit1812 Aug 16, 2012
Even though its a short start for the beginning, its already reeling me in xD
MelodyOfADream MelodyOfADream Jun 13, 2012
@CallMeAmonavis Awwwwww thanks!!! You made my day!!! <3+ thanks for fanning!!!
CallMeAmonavis CallMeAmonavis Jun 13, 2012
Asdfghjkl. So cute xD I'm gonna read the rest of your stories.