The Wrong One: The Beginning

The Wrong One: The Beginning

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Kathena Evette Stone By Bloody-Eve Updated Jun 01

A former immortal Assassin who has resolved her taught nature for peace will have her vow sorely tested. 

Eden , alias Lenali Shepärd is an unusual woman... This slave- turned- Immortal had the power to take down an entire coven and free all of their experiments (Memphas) before disappearing. It's knocking on two centuries, and the Styx Aerie had came up empty- handed since her rebellion.. 

Their last resort, was to go to their creator, their desperate attempt to bring her out of hiding. 

Meanwhile, on the run with her three boys, Eden has one option that could prove useful in her efforts.. Get to her stronghold in Georgia... Search for Memphas, make her own coven, train and defeat The Styx Aerie. Just, that particular plan did include humans, and not only that, she'd have to create allies with alert underground humans. Mafias. Gangs. So to be able to give protection to their own species. But, this particular Kingpin is about to step into an adventure of his own... And it involves Eden!

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