Fatal (Matthew Espinosa) editing

Fatal (Matthew Espinosa) editing

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Chyanne By ChyanneFisher Completed

I watch him walk past me in the hallways, him as in my ex best friend. Matthew Espinosa. My stomach dropping just at the sight of him, I missed him. More than anything. But no matter how hard it was to just not text him and apologize, I had to stay strong and keep myself away from him. Even if it killed me.

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MG1300 MG1300 May 31, 2016
No we are here  to learn about the exotic dinosaur you used to have for pet.
Omg imagine being able to eat as much as you want and still be skinny life goals
Boy_Lover1 Boy_Lover1 Aug 16, 2016
OMG yes, I read the summary and it's just my life with a boy, just like it, my ex best friend and I miss him, omg.
javajones_no_mundane javajones_no_mundane May 01, 2016
@pandapop121 lucky I would kill to be 5'8 I am 17 and 4'11 still
m_kay1 m_kay1 Sep 21, 2016
Why would you say such a thing🙄 it's brown with a tint of blonde👋🏼
MG1300 MG1300 May 31, 2016
5'2 with some attitude s'all good cause honestly I think it's kinda cute.