The Good, the Bad and the Hungry | REGULUS BLACK

The Good, the Bad and the Hungry | REGULUS BLACK

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effie By prongsette Updated Aug 14, 2019

❝What do you mean, you came for the food? ... why would we have snacks here?!❞

❝You were called the Death-EATERS, excuse me for jumping to conclusions!❞


There was a fine line between brave and stupid and Georgie Humphreys took pride in crossing it on a daily basis; from wandering into the Slytherin Common Room to find the perfect shade of green to falling asleep mid-telling off. Still, some would argue that attending a secret Deatheater meeting in the hopes there would be good food, did take it too far even though to Georgie it was only logical.

After all, if they hadn't wanted hungry buggers walking in, perhaps they shouldn't have put " - Eater" in their name.