Stars Hold Our Fate (SCOROSE)

Stars Hold Our Fate (SCOROSE)

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PG with slight language.
(Completed April 3rd 2017)

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Rose Weasley is outraged.  How can McGonagall expect her to tutor Scorpius Malfoy?! A boy who cares for his grades just about as much as he cares for her.  Talk about disaster!! But as time ticks by, Rose begins to wonder if this egotistical aristocrat actually has the power to love.  The couple just start to figure out their relationship when trouble stirs at Hogwarts.  Death Eaters are appearing out of the blue and capturing any student they can get their hands on!! Will they finally reach their goal? Or will a certain Slytherin come out his comfort zone to save the day? If Scorpius can succeed, this may be his one chance to renown the Malfoy name.  Who knows? He might even win favor in a certain Weasley Family's eyes ...  



"I love this book keep going ahhhh!" - @sophiemoro30

"AMAZING STORY!!!! I love how u write! I think this a model book for anyone starting a book, they should set it like urs.  Congrats, u definitely deserve it!!!! " - @HogwartsGirl28

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Shes not a Muggleborn, good god. She's a half blood. Her mom, Hermione Granger, was a Muggleborn, but she married Ronald Weasley, a Pure Blood. So, that makes their children all Hald bloods
HarryMioneRonGinny HarryMioneRonGinny Mar 25, 2017
Just saying about that part there, you said Rose and she instead of I. But other then that, love it xx
Fly_high_butterfly Fly_high_butterfly Sep 06, 2017
This seriously makes me said because in the cursed child they are best friends but in this he like hates him😢😢
getweird1402 getweird1402 Jan 15, 2017
Great story love it! Just...... albus potter is a slytherin and best friends with scorpius so just FYI next time
general_waste general_waste Feb 07, 2017
Great story, only, Albus is a Slytherin and is best friends with Scorpius