Satisfied- lams

Satisfied- lams

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~ Lafayette ~ By _AlexHuntsucker_ Updated Sep 23, 2018

    It had been years since John Laurens had last seen his best friend, Alexander Hamilton. 
    This was a fact that haunted John everyday, as Alexander was leaving for war he promised john he would be back. Alexander was a man of his honor but Laurens, although his upbeat personality may say otherwise, was not much of an optimist. It had been close to three months since John first realized his feelings for Alexander. After discovering so, he would drink often to hide the pain of never getting to tell him his feelings. 
  The night afterwords John found himself in the same pub he met his beloved Alexander, sitting with two empty mugs in front  of him that had once held Sam Adams. And his friend Marquis de Lafayette at his side. 
"For a light weight you seem to be holding your alcohol very well" 

he laughs and smiles to the smaller framed man

 "Lafayette I will fight you" 

he snickered and took another sip,
Lafayette scoffed

 "excuse me but last I che-" 

He was cut off by yel...