Something Wicked This Way Comes (Supernatural Fanfiction)

Something Wicked This Way Comes (Supernatural Fanfiction)

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Mia Reyes is a normal girl with a bad past. Her parents were killed in front of her by an evil thing, but what? Her life was ordinary up until she is kidnapped by a demon, and Sam and Dean Winchester saves her. She fights with them, and convinces them that she is worthy as a hunter. She slowly falls in love with one of the brothers during their journey down the long path, filled with bigger and badder obstacles.

Mia meets a few family friends of the Winchesters as she learns a secret that she herself didn't even know. A secret that puts Mia and Sam and Dean at an even bigger risk. She has a chat with an extremely powerful demon, and the brothers find out the truth in the worst of ways. So much pain and death awaits the three. Dean is hurt and Mia does the unimaginable. How much would you do for love?

What was the reason for the Reyes' slaughter and what did it?

What possibly could be the secret that was kept from Mia all this time?

Find out in Something Wicked This Way Comes!

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Nerdysepticeye Nerdysepticeye Apr 04, 2017
That song reminds me when Sam would wake up on the same day every time Dean would die
Roman_Around Roman_Around Aug 13, 2016
Nobody worry, it's not Tuesday when I'm writing this comment!
Cinderblock_Garden Cinderblock_Garden Jan 13, 2016
*gets to school*
                              Ransoms kid: What day is it tod...?
                              Mia: FÜCKING TUESDAY ITS TUESDAY ALRIGHT?!
                              Ransoms kid: *backs away*
buckysbutt buckysbutt Oct 14, 2015
O_O     I think we all hate that song but love it at the same time.
- - Jul 06, 2015