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LovelyNightingale By LovelyNightingale Updated Apr 12, 2015

Being the daughter of a human and a giant alien robot isn't easy, especially since the giant alien robot, who is your father, has no idea that you even exist.

What happens when unknown past secrets are revealed?

How will the certain weapons specialist take it, from being a normal mech one moment and a father to a hybrid the next moment?

Will his temper get the best of him, or will her feisty attitude beat his attitude down like it was nothing?

I like pears. I fell down the stairs. I hate when nobody shares. Nipple hairs xD
How exactly does that work? I mean wouldn't kill the human? I don't understand.
BumbleBeeIsHappy BumbleBeeIsHappy 6 days ago
I thought Ironhide was gonna be her father oh my god my life is a lie