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Tyler By Captius Completed

The year is 2043 and the nations of the world find themselves almost powerless against an unknown enemy known as Unknown Entities, or U.N.E.'s. The Worlds best weapon against these hideous creatures from space are the giant Mech's and their pilots who stand on the front lines  and fight a never ending stream of U.N.E.'s to protect their lands, nations, and friends from harm.
Two young pilots from very different worlds come together at a secret weapons facility as the next generation of Mech's are ready to hit the front line. One is a young British pilot born and raised in combat who is haunted by horrible memories, while the other is an American pilot who has never seen combat but has never found anything or anyone that can best her. Can these two young officers set aside their differences and pride and do what needs to be done? Or will they falter when it matters most?

Absolutely incredible beginning, just finished niekros war and am already hooked by your book.
Sigredep Sigredep Sep 11, 2016
Impressive beginning. I'm already hooked and drawn into this world. The details that was mentioned, I can imagine it very clearly in my mind as if I was there as a anonymous character. Very well written! I'm definitely gonna finish this book in one sitting. That's a promise.
ThePJOLibrarian ThePJOLibrarian Apr 18, 2016
It is technically a monarchy but the queen does not hold any real power , she is more of a figure head now than a ruler
Blockboy95 Blockboy95 Dec 22, 2016
Before the invasion of his city they attacked earth before he was born
TheYoungDragon TheYoungDragon Feb 02, 2016
Read this nearly a year ago... Now I'm back because I can't stop thinking about it. Really great job, man. Hope you update soon =)
MasterLeia MasterLeia Nov 17, 2016
Amazing beginning , just started reading and I'm already hooked! Well done!