The Obsession

The Obsession

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Tilyn Newton By CrazyTy1 Completed

At 14, Isabella Rose wasn't exactly pretty. She wore glasses, was scrawny, and didn't have any figure. She finds interest into a 20 year old man named Jonathan Ryan. After they meet, he tells her to stay away from him until she is 18. She agrees and they part ways. 

   At 17, Isabella grows into her beautiful form. Bigger butt, boobs, and a better figure. She falls in love with a boy named Jacob and completely forgets about Jonathan. However, he never forgot about her. The day she turns 18, her boyfriend and his family are maliciously murdered. Jonathan kidnaps her and forces her into staying in San José. After being beaten by him, she loses all attraction. And maybe even her sanity.

   What will Isabella do to stay alive and away from the overly-obsessed man? Read and find out.


IAmASandwitch IAmASandwitch Jul 03, 2016
No. Nope girl. Nope. You don't do that sh!t on the Web. I'm still reading on though
biancatexeira biancatexeira Jul 23, 2016
Everyone is calling her dumb but when you think about it she is 14 and probably likes the attention of an older guy
IAmASandwitch IAmASandwitch Jul 03, 2016
Bish if I'm 4 eyed, you is 2 faced. And if you are 2 faced, at least make one pretty! *flips hair like a sassy hœ*
TaniaIsabellaaa12 TaniaIsabellaaa12 Jul 24, 2016
... sorry but I just don't like it when someone named another person a "whore" if she ain't literally doing prostitution. Other than that girly's way of positive thinking is awesome.