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Trying To Forget

Trying To Forget

57.3K Reads 541 Votes 27 Part Story
Angela Power By Alexis4815 Completed

When 15 year old Holly finds her boyfriend cheating on her she winds up storming into the downtown area where there are shootings, killings and assaults. Its just her luck that a hot gangster finds her and rapes her. That was two years ago and she still has nightmares about that night. It gets even worse when the same guy that raped her moves to her school and is determined to have his was with her again and this time for good.

tmcarper tmcarper Sep 28, 2011
Puncuation would make it easier to read. Captialize proper nouns, like "I". Commas are a part of dialogue.
                              Example: "I'm sorry," he said.
                              Please, please check spelling before posting. It's distracting.
Alexis4815 Alexis4815 Apr 13, 2011
@DawnPower Ill capitalize my 'i's is i wanna you silly goose :P
DawnPower DawnPower Apr 08, 2011
Yooo. Good so farrr, But capitolize your 'i's if they're by themselves, Silly goose. ;] Keep goinnn'! :D 
samanfa samanfa Mar 07, 2011
OMFG!!! This story is dedicated to meeeee!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D YAYAY!!!!!!!!
samanfa samanfa Mar 07, 2011
I love it already!! (NOT) anyhoo !! Keep Writing my duckie!!!!
Wattpad Wattpad Feb 25, 2011
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