South Park x Reader

South Park x Reader

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J. Y. Crown By YamiBaki Updated Aug 24, 2016

Reader x Various.

To anyone who wants to read my one shots but are unable to access it, please go to my Quotev account and read them there since Wattpad is a jerk. 

 Near a small little mountain there is a town known as South Park, where all sorts of strange things happen. There, a young girl begins her journey of making new friends, fighting off enemies and even falling in love. Friend or Foe, each one has a different story with a different ending, it's up to the reader to decide which character they'd like to read. How do she fall in love? Who does she fall in love with and how will it all end?

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UnderChrystal98 UnderChrystal98 Nov 15, 2016
The.. Gran.. Wizar- Waitwaitwaitwaitwait I know how to fix this.
                              *puts i in between n and a*
                              The GRAIN Wizard! The most powerful of them all!
Undercraft15 Undercraft15 Oct 22, 2016
Why would you want to go and bother Tweek Tweek is so nice and kind why is my question
Silberschwingen Silberschwingen Nov 16, 2016
I need to tell you something...
MadamZui MadamZui Sep 29, 2016
Has anyone noticed that in the next few lines it says "gimp"? Look up the word if you don't know what it means
creepypasta1stuck creepypasta1stuck Nov 05, 2016
* a b!tch starts b!tch!ng at me*
                              Me: I recomen you move or tata
                              Me + male!me:* Punch* Tata
Dankri_Vantass Dankri_Vantass Sep 29, 2016
Forgive me for the son ahead:
                              That's not true he has DAT ÅSS (help)