The Mute Mistress

The Mute Mistress

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(fka "The Millionaire's Mistress")

Mary Georgia became a spectacle since she was eight years old. With her notable disability, she never wanted to be in the center of attention. Unfortunately, her eyes, being her most alluring feature, brought people closer than she ever wanted.  

Struggling to make ends meet, in the slums of the city, Mary and her small family are finally given a glimmer of hope. Her older sister, Nellie, comes across an opportunity that she couldn't take herself, yet Mary could. Hesitant to work as a maid for the wealthy, Mary had to swallow her pride and help her family survive.           

Once Mary traveled to her secondary home, she was intoxicated by the grandeur of a stunning mansion. However, she was sobered, as she stepped foot inside of the quiet estate, and Mary quickly learned that the mansion belonged to only one man-- Nathan Vanderbilt.

rosinante00 rosinante00 3 days ago
What? I expected honey-coloured or bright sea-green. Something very, very rare. Grey is too common
                              7:41 AM
                              August 17, 2017
                              Somewhere in the USA in bed eating Cheerios and reading a book!
milkshook milkshook 2 days ago
Aw I'm a Maria and my ego'd ass would take that as a compliment
swaytbyr swaytbyr 2 days ago
Wow just imagine... amazing view.. I wanna live there alone with book and cold weather, wooden and glassy house plus wood burning and snow falling outside. In the house alone sitting in front of fire with book in hand only snow falling voice and wood burning voice... one day..
xsaxyturtlex xsaxyturtlex 2 days ago
Your writing is so amazing I don't even know what half of those words even mean
ShermitR ShermitR 18 hours ago
                              3:55 pm
                              August 19th, 2017
                              This book is so amazing, the wording is beautiful