I am in the Anime world

I am in the Anime world

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Steffi Evardone ( AKA Angel ) By LoveISTayFee Updated Jan 31, 2015

Well this story is about a girl named Angel Kheel Infinity.A ten years old girl who have an extraordinary life, living with her fake family who were royalties, but were assassins. When her father told her to marry her brother who was Mike William Infinity, she was mad and planned to left. But she and her family was betrayed by her Uncle Hell Erick Infinity. That night when she died she thought that she will be in hell with her daemon inside her body who's name is HELLIOS but she call him HELL OF DEATH. But when she woke up, she only saw a very beatiful lady named ANGELLA STAR whoo was apparantly her real mother. Then she was sent in the anime world which she really love that she even met her father. About herself she had a gaurdian fairy. Angel saw herself in the mirror, which she have a rainbow colored eyes and white moon skin with her long sun colored hair. ANGEL IS A DEVIL AND ÃŇĞÈĽ PRINCESS AND PRINCE. SHE HAD 4 BLACK AND 4 WHITE WINGS EACH SIDE WHERE SHE HIDE THEM SECRETLY. SHE HAVE ALL KINDS OF POWER EVEN SHE HAVE CHAKRA. SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE. ANYWAY ANGEL IS BOTH A GIRL AND A BOY.


BTW SASUKE FELL FOR HER. let's just say everyone blushed while looking at her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Steffi Narlyn C. Evardone

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