Step sisters (LGBT)

Step sisters (LGBT)

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BreathingOK By BreathingOK Updated Feb 14

Clementine's P.O.V

I watch as Sean kissed Caitlin's hand, and I can't help but feel jealous. No I can't be jealous, probably just jealous that Sean is giving her attention. Yeah that's probably it, my hands go clammy, and I suddenly get really upset. I pull Sean away, from Caitlin.

Caitlin's P.O.V

I see Clementine stumble to catch up with Sean, she's so cute. Wait no I did not just say that. "Ma lady." Sean says grabbing my hand and giving it a kiss. And I can't help but look a Clementine, I'm still mad about the bruise she gave me on my upper arm, but then again I gave her one on her leg, but I still smile at her she's looking at the ground, her hands in fists her brow furrowed, she's pretty. Suddenly she pulls Sean away giving him a smack on the head, her eyes boil in anger.

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MizzyMysty MizzyMysty Dec 11, 2017
That's what I do when I lie but when I tell the truth I'd love my ass off that's got me suspected 😂
Dominique_AKF Dominique_AKF Nov 19, 2017
My reaction would be:
                              yO AsS cAN't kIsS m3, mY LipS iS FOr  GuRLz OnLY
Dominique_AKF Dominique_AKF Nov 19, 2017
I get pretty easily on middle school glad my front teeth is not shaped triangle anymore, I'm happy we move.
Fuk_A_Bish_Up Fuk_A_Bish_Up Dec 05, 2017
How the hell do you forget your own daughter😂😂😂😂
the_evil_angel the_evil_angel Nov 06, 2017
I just REALLY notice that her name was Clementine even though I read it before
I know people who sometimes forget their glasses at home. Like how?! Some of them are fvcking blind!