Step sisters (LGBT)(lesbian story)

Step sisters (LGBT)(lesbian story)

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BreathingOK By BreathingOK Updated Apr 19

Clementine's P.O.V

I watch as Sean kissed Caitlin's hand, and I can't help but feel jealous. No I can't be jealous, probably just jealous that Sean is giving her attention. Yeah that's probably it, my hands go clammy, and I suddenly get really upset. I pull Sean away, from Caitlin.

Caitlin's P.O.V

I see Clementine stumble to catch up with Sean, she's so cute. Wait no I did not just say that. "Ma lady." Sean says grabbing my hand and giving it a kiss. And I can't help but look a Clementine, I'm still mad about the bruise she gave me on my upper arm, but then again I gave her one on her leg, but I still smile at her she's looking at the ground, her hands in fists her brow furrowed, she's pretty. Suddenly she pulls Sean away giving him a smack on the head, her eyes boil in anger.

Blitzer117 Blitzer117 Aug 14
What the f is the bright side? Her mom is happy? If you're gonna be living together, you need to tell your mom about your butch of a step sister and how she physically beats you
Like the idiot I am, I actually carved my girlfriends name into my wrist. And my mom doesn't even know I'm gay so that was fun to explain when she saw it. 😬😬😬
😏 I thought something bad happened that's why she's shaking
xWinged xWinged May 18
Literally me if a ball hits me in the face. Who cares if I'm bleeding, gotta make sure my glasses aren't broken cause they're expensive!
Blitzer117 Blitzer117 Aug 14
How is most of the grammar alright (except a missing comma here and there) while there's spelling mistakes up the wazoo?
KittenLoner KittenLoner Jul 17
Two years? That's nothing. My mom dated this guy for seven years before he proposed....I mean they did break up....but still