I Am Percy

I Am Percy

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Angel of Chaos By Eclipse_Rose Completed

"Well? What did he sign?"

"He said 'Well jacka$$? What do you f**king want?'"
Percy just stopped talking one day. No one knew why too, only that he refused to talk and the only people who could understand ASL was Nico, Will, and Leo. So because of that, people slowly started to forget about him. 

His girlfriend moved on and forgot about him and hooked up with someone else.

His supposed father forgot about him.

His "mom and stepfather" took him in, but couldn't understand him at all.

"It's just a phase!"

"You'll grow out of it!"

"You're perfectly fine!"

"Stop acting like this!"


"...are you ok kid? It's alright to not be fine."

That man became close to him, like a father. He didn't realize how damaged he actually was until he saw someone actually care.
Dean Winchester is good with kids. People think it's because he basically raised his little brother Sammy all on his own, but it doesn't matter. Kids just like him. He also gives pretty good advice if you chose to listen.

But he doesn't really listen to his own advice. 

Well until the Winchesters were called up by an old friend in New York.

'Why do you care?'

That kid brought out the father in him more than his own brother did. He just decided that he would love that boy like his own son.
They both need each other.

But both are two stubborn to say it.

No matter how broken both are, they will always lie about it.

But what one doesn't know is the other has a secret.

I'll give you a hint....

The antichrist named Jesse Turner that the Winchesters met, is Percy Jackson.