Falling for the Unexpected (Editing)

Falling for the Unexpected (Editing)

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A.L. Morales By youcantxfindme Completed

"Love is like the rain, it comes unexpectedly." 

Living in the tenth floor of the Plaza, designing shoes for the best company and dating her high school sweetheart were all a dream come true to timid, lavish, credulous Audrey Ward but all good things come to an end. Unfortunately, she suffers a devastating heartbreak and tries to restore her life back together. 

Leaving for a business trip, founder and former CEO of Harris Shoe Company, hands his company to his son, Jacob. Newbie CEO tries his best to follow his father's footsteps in leadership. 

Wanting to know the company's workers, Jacob comes across Audrey and notices her potential wrapped around a tight blanket. Fond of her, he proposes her a new position in the company as his secretary, executive assistant, amanuensis, his personal assistant and slave. 

A life of a personal assistant is tedious but when Jacob's ex-girlfriend, Alexis Birmingham, is set to work at the company, Audrey and Jacob make a compromise to pretend to be in a relationship.  

An unlikely friendship sparks, but what will happen if they discover an unexpected love?                                         

Follow the unexpected love of Jacob Harris and Audrey Ward. 

Warning: contains unedited chapters 

© 2014 By A.L. Morales

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ClearMint23 ClearMint23 Jul 06, 2017
Second hand embarrassment, anyone? 🤦🏻‍♀️🙋🏻
SylviaAlaniz SylviaAlaniz May 02, 2017
Good story but I think that women love to easy and that why we get hurt to much
Rojesta Rojesta Jun 20, 2016
She need to pick up the pieces and move on, but it's not that easy as we say it
secretmaravillas secretmaravillas Jul 30, 2016
You see a grandma? Fine, I'll act like a grandma, young man! I'll give you a whoopin in the ass if you don't shut your pie hole
stelabloom stelabloom Dec 20, 2016
i dont know i should be sad or give her a smack on the head to show her the truth!
niazera niazera Jan 27, 2016
He wouldn't took MY car. Your not going to break up with me and take my car that's not going to happen smh