Pretend Boyfriend[A ChanBaek Fic]-> this title til i think of a better one ^_^v

Pretend Boyfriend[A ChanBaek Fic]-> this title til i think of a better one ^_^v

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elleisamelody By elleisamelody Updated Feb 02, 2015

Chanyeol needed a pretend girlfriend/boyfriend to keep the "piranhas" aka the girls who are determined to make him their baby-daddy, away. 

Chowa, Park Chanyeol's sister has the perfect person for the role: her bestfriend, Byun Baekhyun.

Baekhyun thinks it's a crazy idea. Chanyeol would never fall inlove with someone like him, people won't buy their story. He agrees to do it anyway for Chowa's sake. Besides, it's just for the meantime and he doesn't like Park Chanyeol (or his kind) anyway, so he's not worried about getting his heartbroken. But then, Chanyeol is just so. . .♥

(wow! that was a crappy description. I'm soo sorry. please do read it still. it's my first one ever so please be patient with me. ^_^v all the ChanBaek love ♥)

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Induloveschanbaek Induloveschanbaek Jun 06, 2018
To The Author; Thank you 4 featuring
                              These words will be taken with me till Grave.
Red_ways_of_life Red_ways_of_life Dec 02, 2017
Chowa I am not sorry cause your name is a meme so....CHOGIWA
softieyug softieyug Jan 19, 2018
How do you pronounce ‘piranhas?’
                              Because in Spanish it’s very easy, but I’m not sure if it p’s the same or what
ReadAndType ReadAndType Aug 16, 2017
I hate to seem annoying or whatever but maybe spilt this paragraph up into smaller ones because it'll make readers more keen to read it. If it's a long one that drags on it looks off-putting.
Induloveschanbaek Induloveschanbaek Jan 14, 2018
Woah! Stop there , Stop. It ... Can't handle all that at once
PeechygoOdness PeechygoOdness Oct 04, 2016
Ahhhh, I have AP Literature first thing in the morning too, Baekhyun. For two periods. I totally understand you.