You Don't Choose who to Love

You Don't Choose who to Love

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Gina Alejandra By Daicab03 Updated May 07, 2017

My mom was selfish. 

She didn't care about how her having an affair, destroyed our family and affected my sister, dad, and I.

But two can play at that game. Now it's my turn to be selfish.

"You don't choose who to love" she once told me, well now it's her time to listen to that blood boiling sentence.

Because I, Kristen Casanova, have fallen hard for the one person I shouldn't have.

And I'm sure mommy dearest, won't like it...

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bbarreda bbarreda Nov 01, 2017
I dint want to be a bitch but when you fall out of love, you Fall out of love. What the mother did was wrong on so many levels and if she didn't love him anymore she should called the ends before cheating.
2writergirl 2writergirl Jan 31, 2017
Really excited! Also if someone could check out my story and give me feedback I'd appreciate it...
swaglikeme109 swaglikeme109 Jul 07, 2014
I don't think saying 'loyal' would be right in her category.... You have to be loyal to speak loyal.
dejestar dejestar Apr 27, 2014
Okay I know it's love but damn that woman's selfish as hell !!!!
Daicab03 Daicab03 Apr 24, 2014
@ReadingRebel thanks!!! :D yeah i think noone like melissa!!! :/
ParadoxPandora ParadoxPandora Apr 24, 2014
Wow this has a really good plot and I could already sympathise with Katie and Kristen due to the whole shocker of a divorce and I'm already starting to hate the mum -.-