There is no shortcut to success. What if there was? For a price. Will Ember escape the horrors she and her best friend Lily unleashed into reality? Or will they perish along with it?
Starting it off with a question are we? 
                                    Horror and paranormal, whoop!
                                    The storyline was really good and it was beautifully written. description was spot on. 
                                    Really good. c:
@AutumnThorn your story is really good. Perfectly descriptions and well written. 
                                    Poor Ember! 
                                    Awesome chapter!
I really laughed at the part when ember thought that lily was some kind of relative of joker ;DD i have to say i love your writing
this is probably the best underdog horror story i have ever seen
Oh my god, this is so cool. I pity ember :( btw, ur writing is so cool here. I liked the part when u described ember's mom and dad :D I got a sudden urge to meet them in person XD good job! whao the cover luks scary :O
This is really good. I like how you describe things, something i like to do in my work. You give a lot of detail to go on. Will read some more when i have chance