Music and Magic [Rick and Liz Saga, season 2]

Music and Magic [Rick and Liz Saga, season 2]

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Ken Poirier By KenPoirier Updated Nov 19, 2018

Now in Los Angeles, Rick and Liz, without the adventure of travel to distract them, find themselves having to deal with their respective problems in life.

Rick's manager Elroy Elridge, wants to bring Rick back into the celebrity community, but Rick doesn't like the way that stardom effects his behavior. 

Meanwhile, Liz's parents have sent out Liz's older brother, Mark, to bring her back to Indiana and to deal with her responsibilities. They have a bet in which Liz must stay sober for a whole month. The stress causes Liz to exert her precognitive power like never before.  

Will Rick and Liz find strength in each other or will their relationship be torn apart by this strange city? Find out in season 2 of the Rick and Liz Saga: Music and Magic.