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Valerie ( An Avengers Fan Fiction )

Valerie ( An Avengers Fan Fiction )

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Devin By Blueberry51 Completed

"Agent Coulson is down." My heart began to pound against my chest, as I waited for more information from Fury.  "A medical team is on it's way to your location." A Carrier Bridge Tech agent confirmed, only to be stopped by Fury as soon as it was made, " They're here." I held my breath, waiting, seemingly for hours. "They called it." He said softly, pain evident in his strong voice. 
Silence. It spoke louder than the words that everyone around me needed to say, but for me it wasn't enough. With tears welled up in my eyes, tenderly kissing the skin of my cheeks as I stood to my feet, my seat on the stairs besides Maria, now vaccant. all around me, were lies, secrets, and responsibilities that only seemed to be holding me down, and worsening my ability to calm myself. I could feel the heat instantly rising to my cheeks, my hands, my feet, my arms, my legs, my chest. My hands shook violently as I walked down the hall, my weight pressed against the wall for support as I tried desperately to stop the energy pulsing through my veins. 

I had to stop, I hadn't made it far from the bridge, but I didn't care. I needed to be alone. I tried leaning against the wall, tried to keep myself up, and stable, but my knees buckled beneath me, and I collapsed to the ground, my head spinning painfully in circles. I wanted my dad, I needed my dad, but Fury just proved that he wasn't coming. He was never coming. "Dad!" I screamed, painfully, the blood flowing from my side being the least of my worries now as I tried pulling myself back up, wanting to make my way to wherever his dying body lay. I had to get to him no matter what, if I didn't, I wasn't sure what I would do. I knew I couldn't make it there. I was already too far off, and with a wound already, there was no way. So I stopped. I fell to the ground once again, silent tears falling as I waited for anything else. I was mentally and physically numb. Phil Coulson was dead. My father was dead.

DoesNotHaveCoolName DoesNotHaveCoolName Apr 29, 2016
I'm sure he can control these forces. I mean he was once a Jedi!!
omiglobfeels omiglobfeels Aug 26, 2016
Sometimes I wonder if she was always this sarcastic or if you automatically become sassy from being around Tony Stark too much
andcrutchie andcrutchie Jul 16, 2015
I hate correcting people but it's bothering me! Every time someone says something new, you have to start a new paragraph.
andcrutchie andcrutchie Jul 16, 2015
The freaking goddess that makes gay guys strait, and strait girls gay!