A Different Point of View

A Different Point of View

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๑๑DREAMerTortoise๑๑ By Kurokoki Updated Apr 16

Here's a twist on the popular blast to the past plot.

Sanada, Yuu, an average 16 year old Japanese High School student (from our world) is clonked on his head (by some third party criminal that is inferior to the story), and by coincidence he had reached the final level in his game (that also coincidentally opened up a random portal that scared the third party criminal shitless), sweeping our young High Schooler (through the portal, of course) into a different realm.

In addition to having stress in being awoken harshly in a different world, country, and language, young Yuu finds that he has shrunk considerably. A good ten years off his life, making him look like an innocent and harmless six year old (to the eyes of many adults anyway).

But how will Yuu and his (impromptu) caretakers, the First Generation of Vongola (how obvious was that?), cope with each other.

(And nobody seemed to care what happened to the poor third party criminal that started this plot twist.... poor guy)

[AU, Parent!FirstGen, OC, Drama, Humor, Comedy, Language Barrier]

[cover credits to Ajcoolse on Wattpad Amino]

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