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In exchange by reborntsunaR27
In exchangeby rebornxtsuna_r27
the arcobaleno can become adult instantly by verde, in exchange... oneshot,R!fem27,r-16
The Assassin (KHR x ACR) by Tsu2Na7
The Assassin (KHR x ACR)by Tsu2Na7
☣Cover made by @FoxcatAI! Go check her other works, it's beautiful!☣ Sawada Tsunayoshi, 21 years old, Vongola Decimo and the bearer of one of the Tri-Ni-Sette, had died...
The Sunny Sky by ju7393
The Sunny Skyby Juana Vargas
Tsunayume has always cared about Reborn. Though, she couldn't figure out if she just cared for Reborn as a friend, or part of the family. Those two thoughts seemed mor...
400 Years Back To The Past (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) by TunaPlatina
400 Years Back To The Past ( Kielnode
It was supposed to be another day for Tsuna. Going to school, training with Reborn and having fun with everyone. That is, until the Vindice requested his help without ge...
Reborn as a (God)parent by TheSilverHunt3r
Reborn as a (God)parentby TheSilverHunt3r
Or, Reborn is Tsuna's Godfather. And takes care of Tsuna, in the aftermath of the boy escaping from the Estraneo Family. Well, this will be fun. Not bashing Iemitsu and...
Things (Various KHR x Reader) [REQUESTS ARE OPEN] by -dreamgirl
Things (Various KHR x Reader) [ S E N R A Y U K I
Experience love within this story. Various x Reader. Characters can be repeatedly requested. Enjoy! -RunnaHayato
Hiroto Maehara-Sawada by TheSilverHunt3r
Hiroto Maehara-Sawadaby TheSilverHunt3r
What if the name Maehara is Hiroto's mother's maiden. What if his last name was Sawada, from his father Sawada Tsunayoshi? Yuma Isogai is Hiroto's childhood friend and R...
Tattoo of a black sun and orange flame by NorCal_NEH
Tattoo of a black sun and orange Nicole H
Reborn was sent by the ninth to train decimo but when he got to japan the person he is supposed to train doesn't even have sky flames but his weak brother does. Tsuna wa...
Babysitting the sky?! by Little_Nuvola
Babysitting the sky?!by Cielo del Ouzora
Reborn is visiting Nana which is Luce secret little sister as a request from Luce the sky arcobaleno but end up become a babysitter when Nana need to go a vacation with...
Reborn the Vampire Hitman's Bride by Ice_Wolf1
Reborn the Vampire Hitman's Brideby Dragon Rider
I don't own KHR, I only own the plot! It belongs to it's owner! When a 16-year-old-girl gets chosen by a vampire, she's his bride. This one is special. The First Vampire...
Happy Birthday Reborn, Tsuna! by RosaNRoss
Happy Birthday Reborn, Tsuna!by RosaNRoss
One-shot for each of their birthdays. 13 of October - Reborn 14 of October - Tsuna R27 - You have been warned Swearing - You have been warned I am a crackhead - You hav...
One shots (27R) by il-cielo-e-il-sole
One shots (27R)by Il cielo è il sole
A series of related one shots of the pairing 27R. Also fem Reborn. Enjoy!
The true Reborn  by karly-98
The true Reborn by karly-98
Verde find way to made the Arcobaleno's big again but Tsuna is really nervous and he have a lot of dreams of how he looks like One shot khr Forgive my orthography but...
The Cielo Angelo Hacker by NorCal_NEH
The Cielo Angelo Hackerby Nicole H
Reborn is sent by Nono to teach his grandson to become Decimo but there are some problem like Tsuna is mute, traumatized, somehow know about the mafia, knows how to uses...
See You In Italy by My-Dying-Will
See You In Italyby Mooney
Schools out and all Tsuna wants to do is relax. But that's impossible with a fadora wearing hitman shoving him and his guardians to a first class trip to Italy. This con...
The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth by onyxofthenight
The Meek Shall Inherit the Earthby ONDRERu
Fantasy AU Prompt from Seito: It's just, all I can picture is that Tsuna gets dragged into an adventure he really doesn't want to go on, makes friends and accidentally s...
The Mission by Korazan2
The Missionby Korazan
[ONE-SHOT] Vongola Nono wants the Tenth Generation to take care of a mission. Tsuna has no idea what it is about. [R27]
Reborn centered oneshots  by Thecatleader
Reborn centered oneshots by Silentstar
Just another collection of oneshots exclusively for our greatest hitman.
tueri [KHR] by HelenaVWG
tueri [KHR]by 『неιеηа』
#1 Tsuna side #2 Reborn side R27 (Platonic) *** tu·te·lage /ˈt(y)o͞odlij/ (noun) protection of or authority over someone or something; guardianship. *** I don't own KHR...