Lost Luna ✔️

Lost Luna ✔️

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Book I of the Lost Luna Trilogy 

Skylar Nightly is a werewolf. Is she aware of it? No. All she knows is that her parents were dead and some kid had found her and given her to her adoptive family, who she's been living with for her whole life. Every month, her whole foster family, excluding her, would take business trips to River Hollows, Washington. 

One day, the family decides to move to River Hollows. With her life being picked up and thrown somewhere else out of nowhere, the last thing she wanted was to have more complications. 

But what happens when she runs into Ryan, Alpha of the River Hollows pack? And what happens when she finds out all the myths she read about were real? And that she was the Luna?

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-this story actually kind of sucks so read at your own risk

I got a feeling something big is about to happen, and Chris and Monica know what it is. That's why they were all sorry looking
To be honest, I love Skyler but her whole "I only heard that in mythology about werewolves. No. Its impossible." Killed my positive vibes. ;-;
6 minutes worth of stairs?!!!!!😷👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. You deserve it!
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I have two older sisters, I'm 18, one younger sister and one younger brother.