Save Me

Save Me

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ShamelessChelsea By ShamelessChelsea Completed

"I Ryan Night, accept Isabella White as my mate, and she will be loved." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Isa never had the perfect life. Abused and raped repeatedly by her mother's boyfriends what do you expect. Her "mother" finally has enough of Isabella  sends her off to her father who she has never met before and that's when she starts to discover their family deepest secret. Wolfs, that's what they are. Read to find out Isa's challenge in life, because nobody's life is that easy.

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KLeviBear KLeviBear Aug 17
I don't know if it's true, but I think the mom MIGHT not be very abusive. Like probably she knows Isa is getting raled, so she found an excuse to kick her out. I don't know, I'm just guessing. The mom probably is abusive.
I will not be rude . Besides I am pretty sure this book is going to be great! ;-)
thefloorr thefloorr Nov 19, 2015
I like how she just forgot about Lewis and their project together lol
PurpleLlamanator PurpleLlamanator Jul 28, 2014
I really like the cover. Did you make it yourself? And I hope she sends flipping child services there because that lady needs to go to jail
PurpleLlamanator PurpleLlamanator Jul 28, 2014
At admire people that can have a such a big heart but kind of feel bad for their naivety. I would hate that bìtch and let her know lol