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Forgive Me

Forgive Me

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skittles5139 By skittles5139 Completed

19 year old werewolf, Madeline Night has never had life handed to her. When her parents left her at the young age of 7 she learned quickly that she would have to work for what she wanted. She never took anything for granted and never refused an opportunity. When her parents left, her pack labeled her as an omega and made sure she was constantly bullied day in and day out. 

Maddie always stays in the shadows, ignores anyone who tries to make fun of her, and never speaks unless spoken to. Her pack abuses her daily and with them being the second largest and second strongest pack in America, no one is willing to stand up for her.

That all changes when she meets her mate - who just so happens to be none other than Ashton Kane.

21 year old werewolf, Ashton Kane is the most respected yet feared person in America. Being the Alpha of the strongest pack in America gives him the respect anyone would dream of while also being able to make another Alpha back down without a question.

The only problem? He doesn't have his mate. He's given up on the hope of finding his mate, with it being 4 years longer than most people find they're mates he doesn't believe his is out there anymore.

So imagine the surprise when he finds out that his mate is none other than the regularly abused girl in the second strongest pack. 

Will Ashton want Madeline even with all her flaws? Or will he walk away like everyone else?

*WARNING* this book does contain mature content and strong language so if you're not comfortable with either of these I suggest not reading this book! Thanks (:

purple_994 purple_994 Aug 14, 2016
Hey! I really like your book. You should write more! If you have time maybe you could check out my book "Magnifcatia" maybe voting or commenting on it.  it would be very much appreciated! Have a nice day!❤️