Rejected and Pregnant {COMPLETED & EDITED}

Rejected and Pregnant {COMPLETED & EDITED}

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QueenOfWolves By BabySwag_12 Completed

Lucy Roberts is 17 and the nicest girl you will ever meet,but that all changes.....

 Lucy was invited to attend the futures alphas party "Ryan Adams". At the party she realizes that her mate is 'The Ryan'.

When she gets drunk she woke up to realize that she just had sex with Ryan.

Then she gets rejected the next morning. His words were cruel..." I Ryan Adams Reject you,Lucy Morgan as the pack's Luna and as My Mate."

With those words lucy was gone but before she left she found out she was pregnant.

5 months later...

Lucy gave birth...

But here's the thing I won't tell you how many she had nor what the gender is. 

Are you curious?

Lucy has to go back to Florida because her sister is finally getting married and she has to attend. What happens when Ryan sees Lucy again,but realizes she's not alone.

Will Ryan want Lucy again? Will Lucy accept Ryan?

I don't do to good with hate comments so if you have any before or after you read this book,please keep it to yourself. And if you can't do that just message me,so we can talk. 

And Check out the New Cover!!😁

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abigailg76 abigailg76 Apr 23, 2017
How could anyone hate!? This is like one of the best books!!
lolpack1231 lolpack1231 Nov 22, 2017
PREACH  even if i dont like it  i still don't come 4 the author like if u dont like it then leave like tf
nimisha941 nimisha941 Jun 28, 2017
Really a blur...Shall i give you my glass! !...😆😆😆😆🤓🤓🤓🤓
VampBae16 VampBae16 Jun 21, 2017
Of course she is, else the title wouldn't be, "Rejected & 'PREGNANT' "
reinz_ardo reinz_ardo Oct 24, 2017
The events are very quick. The next day she throws up and packing to leave,  just a couple of hours from when she was knock up..
VampBae16 VampBae16 Jun 21, 2017
I love Lucy's dress😍... I wonder if they have it in red instead of blue🤔