The Church Girl And The Thug

The Church Girl And The Thug

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Who ever thought that a sweet girl like Rose would cross paths with a street thug like Ramon. 

Rose was always loving, and sweet. Being the Preachers daughter made her life so stressful. So when one unforgettable night pulls together a love connection between two different people from different worlds will she be able to over come her religious family.

Ramon has always had a bad life no one to take care or love for him. So he finds his love in the streets. Once Rosey comes along will he change for her or just let her go.

Read and see how this sweet church girl changed the life of this ruthless thug.


thatwannabe_raven thatwannabe_raven Jul 02, 2016
You know what they say about y'all preacher kids 😏😏😂 especially the boys
-beastlyqueen- -beastlyqueen- Jul 03, 2016
See the thing is I have one of those windows with the netting on it
XavieraRaymond XavieraRaymond Nov 27, 2016
This is suppose  to be a book why put all that and could  have a small part with the name  and who wrote the song
thatwannabe_raven thatwannabe_raven Jul 02, 2016
I used to sing in class while our teacher played music and the class would yell at me to shut up
iBasedSupreme iBasedSupreme Jul 14, 2013
Oh Lord (no pun intended lol). Rosey's going to get herself caught up in something that she won't be able get out of; yet I want her to break out of her innocence. Hopefully Simone chose a decent party, like a kickback or something of that nature.
Moonnaaee_ Moonnaaee_ Jun 07, 2012
I Was Going Through Yur Books yu Written Nd Yu Put Rated PG-13 Nd Yu Know Some Of Yur Books Aint No PG-13