Phoenix13: Resurrection (Phoenix13 Book 3)

Phoenix13: Resurrection (Phoenix13 Book 3)

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Kewona Wolf By KewonaWolf Updated Sep 15, 2017

(WARNING: Spoilers for the previous books in the description!)

After Deyanira used the gathered Phoenixes to break the wall between the worlds, the boundary between the land of the gods and Earth was destroyed.

Jason McKinley, now King-by-blood of Nathandra, finds himself locked in the dungeons of his city. Tormented by visions and the cruel methods of Alexx Sullivan, the Outlaw Prince struggles to hold on to his mind as Deyanira fights for control of it.

Stranded half-way across the world, Kalligan must get back to Nathandra if he wants to save Jason from the Goddess of the Night. Without a ship or aircraft to carry him, he must rely on his new-found godly powers to travel almost five-thousand miles across Earth.

Faced with the last battle for control of Earth, the Thirteenth Phoenix and Zephyr of Amaranth must call on every friend, weapon, and power in their possession to survive. If they are unable to stop the coming of the Night Goddess, then the world will end and humanity will fall...

(NOTICE: This is the third and final installation of the Phoenix13 series. This work is copyrighted. All characters, plots, and fictional settings are property of Kewona Wolf.)

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