Phoenix13: Reincarnation (Phoenix13 Book 1)

Phoenix13: Reincarnation (Phoenix13 Book 1)

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Kewona Wolf By KewonaWolf Completed

***A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY*** "You knew the Thirteenth Phoenix, Zephyr.  You were the one who ripped out his heart."

The first book in the "Phoenix13" series follows city-boy Kalligan Caelum and rebellious outlaw Jason McKinley in their quest to defeat King Skyler Callista and regain control of the great City of Nathandra.

After angering the cruel King of Nathandria, Kalligan Caelum is given a choice: Face exile to the rouge-infested wilderness around Nathandra City, or compete in a shooting competition against Skyler himself. If Kalligan wins the competition, he is promised his freedom. But if he loses, he will pay with his life.

Fortunately for Kalligan, there is someone in the Kingdom of Nathandria rumored to be an even better shot than the King. Unfortunately, that person happens to be the exiled ex-Prince Jason McKinley, a dangerous outlaw known for murdering his own father, the former king. But if Kalligan wants to win the competition, then seeking out McKinley and gaining his help is the only way.

And then, just when it seems that the worst is over, Kalligan's past memories resurface, revealing dangerous secrets and drawing the attention of a woman with nefarious aspirations and a complicated personal agenda...

(This book is now complete and includes 6 parts, a glossary, a map, and a pronunciation guide.)

(NOTICE: This work is copyrighted.  It is now available in its entirety for purchase online on Amazon, Lulu, iTunes, and as a Kindle e-book, as well as on several other digital reading sites.)

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WhiteCorvus WhiteCorvus Dec 24, 2015
Wow I can tell you have a pretty great universe with all the content I see. I love the guide. You put some effort into this.
Arlahndo Arlahndo Feb 20, 2015
you're welcome :) I'm glad you liked my review. keep on writing.
KewonaWolf KewonaWolf Dec 22, 2014
@cdjameson Thank you so very much!!  I really appreciate your taking the time to tell me that. ^)^  <3
Vampmortal Vampmortal Sep 13, 2014
I usually don't like names that are very hard to pronounce. It puts me off my reading list. But thanks to you for putting up a pronunciation guide.
KewonaWolf KewonaWolf Sep 06, 2014
@Fairfax5 Thank you!!  I'm glad you like it.  I always like to have a map and language reference while reading fantasy books, so I added my own! ;D
Fairfax5 Fairfax5 Sep 06, 2014
This is awesome, not enough books around Wattpad have these!