The Goddess Candidate (Excerpt)

The Goddess Candidate (Excerpt)

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Mica Scotti Kole By Fieronis Updated May 17, 2017

THE GODDESS CANDIDATE is a YA LGBTQ contemporary fantasy complete at 82,000 words.

The day eleven Signposts fell out of the sky, Devon Lamont's main concern was hiding makeup from her fundamentalist father. But when one of these fiery Signs lands outside her high school, Devon becomes one of the first people to read the strange words burned into the ground all around it: Walk through fire... and become God.

A day later, a Portuguese bartender films himself touching the Sign, crossing dimensions, and meeting "angels," and the world learns that the Signs are no hoax. God is dead, and His post is up for grabs... or the Devil has a trick up his sleeve.

But none of this matters to Devon. Touching the Sign would mean an end to her carefully cultivated triple life as a popular girl, pious child, and something worse... something a small town with thirteen churches would never be able to accept. Besides, she'd rather be kissing Corey, the semi-mysterious, nerdy guitarist who led her to the Sign in the first place. But Corey's good instincts come from dark places, and he-as well as half the modern world-thinks it's worth severe burns to turn into a deity. Devon's father even sees the Sign as an opportunity to prove his family's faith... and when he attempts to martyr himself in its fire, the only way Devon can save him is by taking his place in the flames.