Crossroads (Book Two)

Crossroads (Book Two)

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Arzoelyn By Arzoelyn Updated Aug 13, 2020

CROSSROADS: The Crossing Trilogy Book II

Trust: it is a fragile thing.  Place but a grain of doubt and the scales will tip. 

Since Aurora arrived in Armindia, Tezaro has grown distant, while Lily remains healing in Lathimnar. Eri and Master Owen have taken upon themselves to train Aurora into becoming the Key of Prophecy; no matter how reluctant she may be to the idea of savior.

But all is not well within the kingdom.  Politics threaten to tear it apart if a fragile alliance is not maintained. Lord Fennaris and his sorceress Mimika use this opportunity to fan the flames of war and  chaos.

Lines will be drawn and friendships will be tested.