The Unwanted Princess

The Unwanted Princess

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BOOK 2 of The Unknown Alchemist

After killing the son of an alpha prime Avery flees to prevent war from breaking out between the territories. She sets out in search of other humans, hoping they might know why she was locked away in the Cabin for centuries. But once out of the protection of the alpha pack Avery learns the true fate of humans in a sapien world.  

Though she falls in love with her new human family Avery has not forgotten the sapien family she left behind, especially Roedin. On her journey she continues to leave clues, hoping the Whisperer will be able to find her before she her past catches up. 

Roedin and the alpha pack continue their search but they are distracted by the growing unrest in the territories. Faunid terrorists are destroying sapien cities and wiping out human preserves. The conflict boils over into war and Roedin's magical connection with Avery is strained as she finds her place in the human world.