Eternal Flame ~ A Pemberley Fairy Tale

Eternal Flame ~ A Pemberley Fairy Tale

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The house known as Pemberley stands in an isolated valley on the edge of the High Peak, as intriguing and inaccessible as Sleeping Beauty's briar-shrouded castle. 

To historian Liz Pargeter it's a mystery to be solved. How can a stately home of such importance have sunk into obscurity? What happened to the former owners - the Darcys - who disappeared from local records after the early 19th century? And why is so little known about Pemberley's current residents? 

Fitzwilliam Darcy, the former Master of Pemberley, has been dead for many years. When Liz walks through the door of his ancestral home, she awakens more than just his curiosity. She may also be the key to his salvation.

Eternal Flame is a contemporary fairytale romance. It is a sequel to Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", set two hundred years after the events of the original novel.

A Wattpad Featured story between March 2015 and July 2017 .

pu20977 pu20977 Mar 04, 2016
Never imagined such a gruesome end for my favorite characters.  Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, I have read it countless times.
                              I have always imagined them happily married with lots of kids .
JadeA31 JadeA31 Dec 16, 2015
I love Pride and Prejudice and never imagined such a quick tragic end to Darcy and Elizabeth's romance. However, I'm accepting this fate only because it gives life to your story. Good start.
concreteroads concreteroads Sep 22, 2015
this was an awesome opening!
                              but DDD: i can't believe you killed off lizzie bennett so young!
                              T__T i knew this was going to be a ghost story and i'm super excited to read on, but i'm still sad that you gave pride & prejudice such a depressing ending.
literateMrsElliott literateMrsElliott Aug 29, 2015
Um I have no desire to start crying 5.9 seconds after starting a new book
- - Jun 28, 2015
I did a good job putting the most painful part in the beginning of the book
- - Jun 28, 2015
So he disappears? Like in the description? That's what it says right?