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Idk Yet // Jack avery by luxxcidity
Idk Yet // Jack averyby luxxcidity
COMPLETED// The title may make you think this is a dumb story...but that's just cuz I didn't know what to call it so I titled the document idk yet and it stuck. All of...
  • romantic
  • comedy
  • whydontwe
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Ready as I'll ever be by skittle724
Ready as I'll ever beby Skittle724<3
It was like it was the end... Maybe cause it was, almost the end... Or did they come back to repeat the end. The leader and his paladin are taken from their team and ri...
  • manipulation
  • voltron
  • hagar
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The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
  • nasty
  • rejection
  • best
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[all kim ngưu ] xuyên không - Nỗi nhục ác quỷ và cuộc sống của tôi by Sarabap25
[all kim ngưu ] xuyên không - Nỗ Yuna Hita
Cuộc đời nhiều sóng gió lắm trông gai. Ai biết đc đường đời là gì. Ko chạm đc số phận,tình yêu,ước vọng...vậy nên đừng nghĩ có thể điều khiển được nó. Nhưng Tôi lại tin...
  • xử
  • ngũ
  • giai
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Futanari Roleplay by Guess-Whos-Back
Futanari Roleplayby Guess-Whos-Back
Ah shit, here we go again
  • yeet
  • yet
  • eety
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[ Sư-all] Oneshort nhỏ 💕 by oOoKankanggoOo
[ Sư-all] Oneshort nhỏ 💕by -Kankang-
Cấm trẻ em trên 18 🔞🔞 =))))) đùa Credit by @Bingsuteam.
  • song
  • binh
  • giai
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Mew ^-^ >.< >-< *.* o.0 0.0 ().0 0.() ().() Meowzers
  • friend
  • love
  • random
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My lovers (Polly) by Ooolalagomi
My lovers (Polly)by Fallen Angel
(discontinued ) (warning this story is kinda cringe) Eliot is a guy who loves books and is a quite one, when his dad gets remarried to a woman with twin boys he finds o...
  • schedule
  • dolan
  • mystery
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Bớt ngốc đi, để mà yêu tôi (6 sao) by baobinh9216
Bớt ngốc đi, để mà yêu tôi (6 sao)by Lâm Thị Thảo Nga
dỡ lắm mong mọi người ủng hộ
  • yet
  • binh
  • ngusu
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Punishment, Lies, and Vengance- The Lies Series. Part 3 by Dramaxxur
Punishment, Lies, and Vengance- Alan
The 3rd book of the Installment. April and her friends are closer to unmasking red coat, and all the secrets. The masked girl is going in more, and they're uncovering mo...
  • weird
  • stealthy
  • catch
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One Shot Stories (English) by InnocentPen
One Shot Stories (English)by Joycei L.
What are the important things in your life? Or who?
  • diary
  • love
  • stories
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Vợ chồng hắc đạo (Mã-Yết) by Hoataru_Gin_3011
Vợ chồng hắc đạo (Mã-Yết)by XiuChen_9921
Vẫn là nhân vật Mã Yết như bao fic khác
  • yet
Fotos de Clairo (Dj Baby Benz) by user71968653
Fotos de Clairo (Dj Baby Benz)by Crybaby
Fotos de esta hermosura de 20,(Clairo),que además de ser tan hermosa tiene una voz preciosa.
  • cottrill
  • drown
  • claire
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Blurb by feeling-marvelous
Blurbby feeling-marvelous
Please ignore the cover, this is just a little blurb. I don't have a way to make it more appealing because I'm tired, but if you read it and like it let me know lol.
  • sorry
  • justforthedonation
  • itwasforthedonation
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My Art 2 by Colorgirl787
My Art 2by d a r l i n g
OLD ART This was created near the summer of 2015 Go check out my current art book!
  • work
  • best
  • yet
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[Yết- Giải] Hoá Ra Là Em_ Hôn Phu by bunny_cua
[Yết- Giải] Hoá Ra Là Em_ Hôn Phuby bunny_cua
Thôi bỏ đi, không mô tả nữa!!!
  • yetgiai
  • yet
  • giai
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Giới thiệu truyện _Giữa lưng chừng tuổi học trò đó, em và anh có thể trở thành người yêu của nhau, việc này thật sự đối với riêng em luôn là những kí ức đẹp nhất, nhưng...
  • xử
  • kết-ngư
  • thanhxuanvuontruong
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You tuber Next Gen RolePlay by XxKirishimaEijir0uxX
You tuber Next Gen RolePlayby Kirishima Eijirou
Why The Hell Not
  • gen
  • roleplay
  • next
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Cuộc Chiến Kinh Hoàng ( 12 chòm sao ) by akari189
Cuộc Chiến Kinh Hoàng ( 12 chòm akari189
đọc đi thì biết nhé ^^
  • yet
  • hàihước
  • yếtbình
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