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Haven't met you [Larry Stylinson] Tłumaczenie by HeteroHomoStory
Haven't met you [Larry Stylinson]...by HeteroHomoStory
Wszystko zaczęło się do zwyczajnej rozmowy na Omegle, która przekształciła się w szybko rozkwitającą, pełnowartościową przyjaźń. Lecz jeśli jeden z chłopaków wiedziałby...
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The Adventures Of (Y/n) and... Sakamoto?!  by Shorry_
The Adventures Of (Y/n) and... Sak...by A. G. Demon
Male various x male story.
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Poetry of All Shades by thedancingnerd
Poetry of All Shadesby thedancingnerd
Book of poetry I've written, some dealing with love, some with death, and some are completely random, enjoy!
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30 Day Letter Challenge by IncorrectConcept
30 Day Letter Challengeby IncorrectConcept
Theeee Thirty Daay Letter Challengee *spoken in dramatic announcer voice*. I'm gunna write a letter a day, through this I'll learn more about myself, and you'll do the s...
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Bad Things Happen to Good People by Galactic_galaxy_girl
Bad Things Happen to Good Peopleby 🌌 Galactic 🌌
"Why do bad things always happen to Good people? " "It's just like picking a flower, which one would you pick?" "The prettiest one of course.&qu...
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You're Mine(Niall Fanfic) by lsomebodyyoudontknow
You're Mine(Niall Fanfic)by Ana De Alba
give me a chance ill work hard so i can finish it it's not done though
updatees and etc for you guys  by TabletkaAyemkingson
updatees and etc for you guys by Tabletka Ayem puppteer kingson
Tell you what I'm doing 😂🤣 and more!
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The Truth by LittleMonkeyTail
The Truthby Call me Tiny
I don't care why people have told you...this is what really happened...
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I Haven't Loved? by Emperor_of_Cats
I Haven't Loved?by Emperor
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Not For Long by xkendxllx
Not For Longby xkendxllx
Ashley and Chloe have been friends for at least 12 years now, they are both 16 and live in Austin, Texas. Ashley has been bullied many times before because of the way sh...
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Will You Save Me? by KatieMalone
Will You Save Me?by Katie Malone
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Haven't Forgotten by Zero727
Haven't Forgottenby Dakota Norwood
Haven't Been Caught by thanna14
Haven't Been Caughtby thanna14
It's so predictable for a good girl to fall for a bad boy. But what happens when a bad boy falls for a good girl? •Luke Hemmings fan-fiction•
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Warped by MarlijnPeeters
Warpedby MarlijnPeeters
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Did Your Boyfriend Just Growl At Me? by HeyImSasha
Did Your Boyfriend Just Growl At M...by Sasha
Meet Danielle, a hazel eyed, brown haired fifteen year old. She lives with her mother and cat Bear. Upset with her mother Danielle decides to stay at her best friend Ha...
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Good or Bad Girls by ---ALYSSA---
Good or Bad Girlsby ---ALYSSA---
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DOC X SHRODINGER by HeatherJohnson738
DOC X SHRODINGERby Heather Johnson
my first hellsing pairing hope you guys like it doc is one of my very favorites of hellsing