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STUCK | Kai Parker X Brandon North | AU by beyzaceliik1
STUCK | Kai Parker X Brandon North...by Beyza Celik
Ongoing : Maya is dating a sociopath named Brandon North. One day Maya realizes her boyfriend isn't who he used to be anymore. She then meets his twin brother, Kai Parke...
Which Eeveelution you are?//Pokemon by EeveeWings
Which Eeveelution you are?//Pokemonby Frostvee
Wondering which Eeveelution suits you the best? Or which one looks like you? Come and do the quiz! *I do not own any pokemon!
Viagra Tablets in Pakistan- 03004791537 by malikshakir94
Viagra Tablets in Pakistan- 030047...by Malik shakir Malik shakir
Viagra Tablets In Pakistan Why we Need Viagra Tablet | Viagra Importance Asli Pfizer Viagra Tablets Online In Pakistan - Lahore HerbalTablets.pk https://herbaltablets.pk...
Mine | Brandon North by katmikaelsonn
Mine | Brandon Northby katherine
Arabella Jones and Brandon North met at college before dating for three years, until Arabella cut it off. She couldn't handle the constant hurt and pain he caused her, e...
Short Stories | Brandon North by katmikaelsonn
Short Stories | Brandon Northby katherine
A collection of random short stories about Brandon North (Chris Wood). Each one will be a different name for the main female character. Leave suggestions or requests of...
Percabeth - A New Life Ahead by percabethforeverbaby
Percabeth - A New Life Aheadby Cece
In this story. It is about when Percabeth takes the next step. They just graduated college........so read it to see if you like it! If you like it commentt or tell anoth...
BUTTERFLY 🦋 (BTS FF) by Yoongi_lil_meaw_meaw
BUTTERFLY 🦋 (BTS FF)by jimie_mie
It was just a matter of time if I had understand her on time I wouldn't happen ... it's my fault ... She was just like a butterfly 🦋 we didn't understand her till now...
Short Stories | Karamel by katmikaelsonn
Short Stories | Karamelby katherine
Lots of little Karamel short stories to enjoy. Suggestions of more stories would be appreciated too:)
PRISONER | Kai Parker by beyzaceliik1
PRISONER | Kai Parkerby Beyza Celik
Ongoing : Book 1 of Prisoner series in the first order and book 5th book of the Prisoner series in the second order Blair and Klaus have been on the run for years. They...
Spy School: Big City by SpySchooler
Spy School: Big Cityby SpySchooler
Ben and the gang are forced to go to Chicago to stop a new threat. Is I Spyder? Is it Croatoan? Or is it both of them together?!
The Alpha whith 5 mates by vampirepegi
The Alpha whith 5 matesby Pegi the princes
Amity Nervy Lucid about to turn 18 is the alpha of the blue angels pack the strongest pack to egsist . Beryl White 18 alpha to be of the white moon pack. Coral Edmin abo...
Love You Again | Lauriver by katmikaelsonn
Love You Again | Lauriverby katherine
Laurel Lance (Black Canary) gets taken by Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) who is determined to get more mirikuru soldiers. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Sara Lance (White Canar...
Ghost: The Phantom's Sibling [KnB fanfic] by pinayHetalian
Ghost: The Phantom's Sibling [KnB...by pinayHetalian
We never get to meet any family members of Tetsuya Kuroko, right? What if one visits Tetsuya? CURRENTLY ON HOLD! PLEASE PATIENTLY WAIT FOR AN UPDATE AND DON'T ABANDON!
Bloom's Revenge by LeahSilverwater
Bloom's Revengeby Leah S
"My end is your end. Say goodbye, winx club." Bloom is betrayed, hurt, and replaced.. Her friends: fighting Her boyfriend: married Her pixie: killed Her life:...
Hotel Room | Quinntana by katmikaelsonn
Hotel Room | Quinntanaby katherine
Just a dream i had about someone special to me and decided to write it down with Santana Lopez and Quinn Fabray in place of us.
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
Married To Aomine Daiki by BakaMattsun
Married To Aomine Daikiby BakaMattsun
Far in an AU, Aomine Daiki became a special agent and married Sachiko. Follow the newly weds as they survive with each other daily.