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The Price of Pride by nickym96
The Price of Prideby nickym96
Events leading up to and following the tragic beach dinner date (episodes 39-41) still haunt both Emir and Reyhan. Reyhan has no idea why Emir is so angry, but she refus...
Unarranged Love by yemin_lover
Unarranged Loveby yemin_lover
This is a fanfiction of Turkish series "Yemin", starts from the point where Reyhan went missing from the mansion, for whole night. Next day when Emir asked her...
Maktub (So destined by fate) by Mira_Mayskaya
Maktub (So destined by fate)by Mira_Mayskaya
What if there was no promise in "The promise"? After the mother's death Reyhan is left all alone. Hikmet, who considers her to be his niece, decides to take...
What Hurts the Most by nickym96
What Hurts the Mostby nickym96
After the divorce, Reyhan is forced to return to the mansion when Hikmet takes a turn for the worst. He gets better, but when she gets a mysterious note about him still...
Untangling the Web by nickym96
Untangling the Webby nickym96
After their terrible split over the summer following the cheating scandal, Reyhan and Emir have finally gotten their relationship back on track. But a series of unfortu...
Price of the promise by Mira_Mayskaya
Price of the promiseby Mira_Mayskaya
Emir forced to marry Reyhan at the request of his father, cannot accept the fact that his life is being disposed of for him. He wants to prove to Hikmet that he is wron...
Their Happily Ever After by NAfroj
Their Happily Ever Afterby NAfroj
An imaginative alternate ending for Reyhan and Emir's story where Reyhan does not have to die and they finally get their happily ever after.
What is family? by scileshobbyzone
What is family?by Ralitsa Urukova
Another Yemin story. Picking up around the time Leyla's father wanted her to leave Kemal's house. Will finish with the same ending as S1, just under different curcumstan...
Because they fell in love... by yemin_lover
Because they fell in yemin_lover
It was love at first sight for both of them. Though they never accepted this, but it was there. They felt that spark when the very first time their eyes met. This is my...
💕veneno de amor mortal💕 (te amare asta la muerte ) Emperador Yesung 👑 by janewoon_1106
💕veneno de amor mortal💕 (te Kim Jane Woon
{vasada en echos reales 😂👌} Pareja primcipal : Yemin🐇🐢💕 Esposos : kim Heechul heredero al trono👑 Kim Ryeowook💚💚👑 Concubina : Sunny 💘 la histora se bas...
Your Eyes Tell by yennieluvv
Your Eyes Tellby yennie
I do not forced you to love me.. But.... Let me love you.....
It Didn't Have to Be This Way by nickym96
It Didn't Have to Be This Wayby nickym96
What happens when Emir's impossible dreams become reality? Alternate Season 3 theory. Just a little something I tell myself to make season 3 bearable.
Black Butterflies of Death [Yesung x Sungmin] by Jishubunny
Black Butterflies of Death [ Jishubunny
When Sungmin could see a black butterfly on top of a person’s head, it means that the person’s days are numbered. He couldn’t tell when exactly the day or date the perso...
No fue mi intención amarte (One-shot) by YeKyRy
No fue mi intención amarte ( YeKyRy
No fue mi intención amarte tercera parte del One-Shot Nothing is left of our love, ahora narrado principalmente por Yesung. Primera y segunda parte la pueden encontrar...