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生きがい [Bleach Various x Fem!Reader] by SleepyMintMocha
生きがい [Bleach Various x Fem!Reader]by SleepyMintMocha
Perhaps it is coincidence. Perhaps it is fate. Or perhaps it is just life playing games with you as usual. You, a descendant of an ancient family whose focus was always...
Change (male child reader X adoptive mother Orihime Inoue) by ChrisReiniger
Change (male child reader X adopti...by Shadow Nexus
Abandoned, cold, scared, alone. That was all (y/n) knew in his short life until she found him.
Bleach One Shots by kcuf_ad
Bleach One Shotsby Black Clover Brainrot
A series of my one shots of Bleach. Hope you enjoy! Please, no spoilers, thanks.
The Shadow Monarch by ShinobuWashuu
The Shadow Monarchby Shinobu Washuu
Karito Yami or also known as the man in black is searching for a reason in life, watch as his life change after leaving Hueco Mundo and encountering a stubborn Girl.
Bleach: Armoured Boots by Zyule-X
Bleach: Armoured Bootsby Joshua Brown
Set after The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc and Yhwach's defeat, Yasutora Sado, known by his friends as Chad, has returned to The World of the Living with the others, who...
The Nightmare ( Ichigo x Reader) by Max-Mayfield-forever
The Nightmare ( Ichigo x Reader)by Max-Mayfield-forever
Ichigo has a nightmare. Who knew that his nightmare changes his life forever.
Unusual luck  Chad x male oc  by Imasimp1243
Unusual luck Chad x male oc by Yes I am a✨SIMP✨
Inei Kanahii is a boy that fits the very description of his name, despite his name Inei has an unusual way to make people happy, meeting an unusual boy with orange hair...
The Substitute Soul Reaper and The Shape-Shifting Hero  by ShinobiThreeSixty
The Substitute Soul Reaper and The...by ShinobiThreeSixty
When he was 11,Ben removed the Omnitrix to live a normal life. Now at 15, a new enemy threatens that. For his own safety, Ben is sent to Karakura Town to live with the K...
One more Kurosaki (Modern - Bleach BxB Mpreg LS) by WalkerKiller21
One more Kurosaki (Modern - Bleach...by WalkerKiller21
What if Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki had an older brother? What if Isshin had a child before he got with Masaki? Hikaru Yuurei is the 17 year old Half-broth...
Revengers by Millresh
Revengersby Millresh
After so long Thanos has won the war. With just snapping his fingers to wipe out half of all life in all the multiverses. Many has suffered thanks to him. Now a team mus...
BLEACH QUOTES by Claytaclysm
BLEACH QUOTESby Toshiro Aizen
These are random quotes from the bleach anime... yeah. I DO NOT OWN BLEACH