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My One and Only Alpha by MizzLarryStylinson
My One and Only Alphaby atarah brown
In a world where one was either an Alpha or an Omega wolf, Louis found himself in a body that could be neither. Born an Omega without the expected characteristics of one...
Carvalle Headcanons And Mini-stories by muichirou-mist
Carvalle Headcanons And Ryan
it's all LadyYandereShane's work I'm just letting my thoughts run wild!! please go read the original books, I'll tag their account in the first chapter
Promise by MizzLarryStylinson
Promiseby atarah brown
"Leave me the Hell alone, Harry." Louis grumbled; nobody needed a seer to sense his irritation. The boy had just gotten home from a poorly scheduled lecture on...
to read ( unread fics ) by seungierice
to read ( unread fics )by 🍒
credits to all the original writers. ( I put this up on wattpad for me to read offline, not to claim as mine )
fave fics by seungierice
fave ficsby 🍒
( I put this up on wattpad for me to read offline, not to claim as mine )
Horizon Beckoning by MizzLarryStylinson
Horizon Beckoningby atarah brown
"I'd-" "Don't say you'd take a bullet for me." Louis interrupts him before he can finish. "Just say you love me." Harry bothers with a sigh...
A (mostly)Czennie's Guide to Fanfics #1 by Akiranscktz_2702
A (mostly)Czennie's Guide to Akdu
Just a guide book for all those Czennies who want sum good fanfic material to read. *Only NCT ships included I don't do Y/N fanfics sorry. This selection is based on my...
Percabeth In Highschool by BlueCookieLover18
Percabeth In Highschoolby BlueCookieLover18
One of Annabeth's friends tries to break up percabeth. Can Annabeth and Percy last or will this mortal break them up?
A story I found on ao3 (PLEASE READ DESC) by Tiky_Simp
A story I found on ao3 (PLEASE Arson
Ok, this is not my work. I found it on ao3, dis not see a name, but know it's very unhappy, I copied and pasted thet story so you guys can read it if you don't wish to b...
star chaser and sun keeper by seungierice
star chaser and sun keeperby 🍒
full credit to cygnus on ao3 - star chaser - sun keeper ( I put this up on wattpad...
I'm a Healer But... by Lilian183413
I'm a Healer Unnamed:)
Magic always comes with a price, which is why superpowers are the best evolution since bipedalism, and of all powers, healing is one of the rarest- and thus, healers are...
Random Stories by KurtZein
Random Storiesby KurtZein
Haiii guys this is just random stories na nakuha ko kung saan HAHAHA i hope mag enjoy kayo even though maiikli lang to, and disclaimer lang guys di ako gumawa ng mga sto...
Ai prompt stories by AlexaLong2
Ai prompt storiesby Alexa Long
A collection of random stories that an AI makes from different plots. I take comments for prompt. I plan on moving this to AO3 after i get my account set up. Any fandoms...
translated story by S_Bobr
translated storyby Beaver_S
idk, i don't speak Chinese, sooo google translate (not my work, after reading, I will delete this) Disclaimer: This book is not my original work and is the property of [...
Bts fanfics chloe makes by chonkychonk
Bts fanfics chloe makesby hmm no
My friend chloe has decided to make smut a real thang