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Love from Childhood by DraupadiPutri
Love from Childhoodby Lakshmi
It was never F4, It was F5 Han Y/n, the princess of F5 She was Junpyo's voice Jihoo's music Woobin's strength Yijung's love She had to leave to Japan for a few years and...
F4.....In America. by Nikki_Chambers
F4.....In America.by Nikki Chambers
When the members of F4 are selected as the exchange students for Korea for an experiment that America and Korea are trying they are sent to America. They were kinda exci...
F4's Little Wolf (Boys over Flowers) by Jessfairy88
F4's Little Wolf (Boys over Flower...by Jessfairy88
Ksenia wanted a new beginning, away from the crazy of America. When her best friend and soul sister Jan Di tells her she is about to attend Shinhwa High School she saw a...
"Being rich doesn't makes me happy. I am happy the way i am....I have money of my own. I'm living by myself without anyone support..... Leaving my mom and living in...
incorrect cravity ✓ by i3Hyunjin
incorrect cravity ✓by ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
serim: i have the sharpest memory! name one time i forgot something. jungmo: you left me in a walmart parking lot, like, a week ago. serim: i did that on purpose, try ag...
cravity imagines by hhoneyyuju
cravity imaginesby mango!
" even if the fog swallows me, even if I break, i'll shine brighter than anyone." - cravity ; top of the chain. started ; (04-25-20) ended ; (02-02-22) thank y...
The New Girl At Shinhwa High! (A Boys Over Flowers Fanfic) by GoodGirlBad12
The New Girl At Shinhwa High! (A B...by Filzah
'The new girl at Shinhwa - why does she seem so familiar..?' JunPyo thought, ' No way... its her!! THAT RASCAL.' 'Ughhhh. New school again and why Korea out of all place...
still holding on | a boys over flowers fanfiction by sweguq
still holding on | a boys over flo...by sweguq !
❝it's the fact that i'm still holding on that breaks every part of me.❞ join seung so-young as she battles the dangers of love, and finally finds the one her heart has b...
cravity on crack  by CutieShiro
cravity on crack by CutieShiro
Minhee : I'm bored Wonjin : don't u dare- Minhee : I'm gonna annoy u CRAVITY on CRACK lmao started :04/17/2020 ended : ???
incorrect cravity quotes by girlywon
incorrect cravity quotesby girlywon
what the title says ✨
I don't fall in love, I trip - Serim (CRAVITY) by hoewithnojam
I don't fall in love, I trip - Ser...by 바나나셂
It's all started when you accidentally texted to a wrong number hoping it was your friend's new number because that's the way she always talked. But who would expect tur...
𓄹 world of cravity𓂃 cravity imagines ៹ (hiatus) by Cravity_blackout
𓄹 world of cravity𓂃 cravity imag...by Zacc
Stories of different genres about our best boys Cravity! Oneshots, Reactions, Scenarios, Incorrect etc. Fluff, Angst, but no smut cause ion wanna get reported. (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ...
Boys over Flowers by flamer_choi
Boys over Flowersby MRS.CHOI MINHO
Fanfic based of the Korean drama Boys over flowers! Parts of what was in the drama may or may not be included.
Her by ItsKena
Herby That girl
Take my hand, take my soul, both are meant for you...... You are a part of me that I'll always need..... This is a story based on the Kdrama tv series 'Boys over flowers...
Rain | Seriwoo by seolxr
Rain | Seriwooby Kie
Serim finds a cat outside of his cafe on a rainy day, he later finds out this cat belongs to a college student named Woobin
Boys Over Flowers: How It Should Have Ended Part3 (The Return) by cutestuff024
Boys Over Flowers: How It Should H...by cutestuff024
Jun Pyo is back in Seoul and is finally ready to face Jan Di after she chose to be with Ji Hoo. Are they ready to face each other? Part3 of my "How It Should Have E...
Softie | Bangchan x Hyunjin  by Swunks
Softie | Bangchan x Hyunjin by Swunks
Hyunjin happens to fall into another clans territory while trying to escape death. Or Bangchan finds a cute boy on his hunting grounds and decides to keep him. Warning...
insane . cravity by corlaeset
insane . cravityby 𝐘.
. . but what would i do without you ? (this is very cringey, read at your own risk tbh 😓)
Song Woo Bin's Sister by BettyAlarcon8
Song Woo Bin's Sisterby Katie Alarcon
Y/N is the little sister of Song Woo Bin. Only the F4 and Jan Di know about her, but she has been away for 10 years. She used to be Yi Jeong's childhood lover. What will...