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Boys over flowers by nabii___
Boys over flowersby nabii___
long time away from home, Hwa-Young dares to return back there,to Korea,without even knowing what she will get into...
Husbands Over Flowers by VeryImportantFangirl
Husbands Over Flowersby VeryImportantFangirl
A fan fiction based off of jihoo from Boys Over Flowers. I hope you enjoy!
The New Girl At Shinhwa High! (A Boys Over Flowers Fanfic) by GoodGirlBad12
The New Girl At Shinhwa High! (A B...by Filzah
'The new girl at Shinhwa - why does she seem so familiar..?' JunPyo thought, ' No way... its her!! THAT RASCAL.' 'Ughhhh. New school again and why Korea out of all place...
I want you to stay(On Hold) by VanillaSunsetCherry
I want you to stay(On Hold)by VanillaSunsetCherry
An Ouran Highschool & Boys Over Flowers crossover filled with love, drama and adventure! Ill try to update daily! Give it a chance :) As long has ya have seen one episod...
Boys over Flowers by flamer_choi
Boys over Flowersby MRS.CHOI MINHO
Fanfic based of the Korean drama Boys over flowers! Parts of what was in the drama may or may not be included.
Love from Childhood by DraupadiPutri
Love from Childhoodby Lakshmi
It was never F4, It was F5 Han Y/n, the princess of F5 She was Junpyo's voice Jihoo's music Woobin's strength Yijung's love She had to leave to Japan for a few years and...
still holding on | a boys over flowers fanfiction by sweguq
still holding on | a boys over flo...by sweguq !
❝it's the fact that i'm still holding on that breaks every part of me.❞ join seung so-young as she battles the dangers of love, and finally finds the one her heart has b...
How It Should Have Ended (A Ji Hoo and Jan Di Story) by cutestuff024
How It Should Have Ended (A Ji Hoo...by cutestuff024
If you were shipping for Ji Hoo, then read on! This story is what I imagined happened in the 4 years Jun Pyo and Jan Di were apart, and then continued on to when he got...
Hyungseok harem by Brownies_213
Hyungseok haremby Brownies_213
Pelbagain stories oneshoots Hyungseok×the harem.Karakter semuanya asli milik park taejoon ,saya hanya meminjamnya :)
ژېانێڪی پێشبېنی نەڪراوو/"Kurdish Story"✔ by Alan_Muhamad
ژېانێڪی پێشبېنی نەڪراوو/"Kurdish S...by ᵇᵃʸᵇᵘⁿ ʳᵒˢᵉ💛🌼
سەرەتا ژیانم زۆر ناخۆش بوو وە دوایی ئاشقی ڪوڕێڪ بووم بەڵام بەیەڪ نەڱەشتین ڪەسایەتییە سەرەڪیەڪان:{jennie-jung kook-lisa-taehyong}
How It Should Have Ended Part2 (The Continuation) by cutestuff024
How It Should Have Ended Part2 (Th...by cutestuff024
Yi Jung wants to propose to Ga Eul and the whole gang is there to help, but things don't always go according to plan. Continuation of "A Ji Hoo and Jan Di story&quo...
Perfection by wakenup
Perfectionby wakenup
"Và chẳng ai có thể biết, rằng anh đang muốn kéo cô vào lòng và hít thật sâu mùi hương của cô vào trong lồng ngực tới mức nào, kể cả anh. Cũng như việc nhiều năm tr...
Story of A Prince by KhaulaMujahid
Story of A Princeby Khaula Mujahid
What if Ji Hoo wasn't just the grandson of a foundation president? What if he's actually more politically powerful than anyone else in the country? What if his inherita...
Soulmates [Hiatus] by Mognut
Soulmates [Hiatus]by Luna
Jan Di doesn't want to fight for the man who broke her heart and is engaged to another woman, but he doesn't plan on giving her up so easily. Ji hoo has stayed by Jan Di...
My Other Half !? (Boys over Flowers fanfic) by blckswan7
My Other Half !? (Boys over Flower...by Lia
A girl comes from London to live in South Korea because of her father's buisness. She got assigned to Shinhwa High School, the change of her life.....
Jihoo&Jandi-My honorable firefighter  by xoxoJupiterxoxo
Jihoo&Jandi-My honorable firefight...by Universe
This is another version of the story for the ones who wanted Jihoo and Jandi to end up together. In a way it's a continuation of the actual drama. It starts a year after...
still holding on (revised) by sweguq
still holding on (revised)by sweguq !
after her father passes away, seung so-young and her family are tormented by the consequences that follow his death. though, always putting a front to make sure others a...
Beating Heart (boys over flowers) by animegirl09
Beating Heart (boys over flowers)by animegirl09
Kenzie is from america and all she does is cause problems. She moves to korea for a fresh start with her father. She under the guidance of F4 will love blossom? will she...
unforgettable Love by Seeker70
unforgettable Loveby Allan Allan
A new girl arrives at Shinhwa which forces Ji Hoo to come to terms with the fact that Jan Di is the woman he will forever love. The rating will go higher in later chapte...