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Imagines/one shots (Requests Open) by lowkeysad_
Imagines/one shots (Requests Open)by lowkeysad_
a bunch of (probably rubbish) imagines and one shots. please send requests if you have an idea and I will write it ( since I have a lot of spare time)
Band Preferences by jayrassicparkxx
Band Preferencesby HERE FOR NOTHING
Just a series of preferences, Imagines and Blurbs about a whole bunch of bands that may include: With confidence, at sunset, Forever ends here, neck deep, state champs...
Say You Will (A Jayden Seeley Fanfic) by MiaHedley03
Say You Will (A Jayden Seeley Fanf...by MiaHedley03
When Mia meets Jayden she falls head over heels for him. But will he like her back in the same way?
Band Imagines  by PunkRock1424
Band Imagines by PunkRock1424
Just a bunch of imagines written about your fav band
Photos | FEH | 5SOS | MOBS | Day Break | With Con by bexxa_may
Photos | FEH | 5SOS | MOBS | Day B...by Becca-May
"No matter how close you are able to get to me, I will just keep pushing you away. Because you mean so much to me that I can't stand to see you get hurt. And I woul...
Shut Up, Awsten (Group Chat Book) by zoe-the-dog
Shut Up, Awsten (Group Chat Book)by Zoey
A group chat of Awsten fuckign up a lot and Jayden constantly keeping secrets from the most important people in his life. A mixture of lots of fun and lots of mild drama...
Luden• Oneshots by i_totally_ship_it
Luden• Oneshotsby Lake Effect Kid
《CLOSED》 Date closed:11/13 - - - RANDOM [Sad stuff, Fluff and smut maybe ]
long night (Jayden Seeley) by remmyleith
long night (Jayden Seeley)by I love Palaye Royale
Alexis and jayden are best friends. Jayden goes on tour. That sums it up
Truth is? You lied, my love.  by BabylonTheFallen
Truth is? You lied, my love. by BabylonTheFallen
"What do you want from me?" - "You." •He wanted her attention, she didn't know he existed, so what better way to get it then to kidnap her?• ...
Good as hell - A multimess by roseandboxtattoos
Good as hell - A multimessby I'm Astra💗
Welcome to the most confusing book you'll ever encounter. Delilah ends up moving in with a nice-seeming guy, Dave. She'd like to think that she and her roommate could l...
pop punk bands by idolizeher
pop punk bandsby b r o k e n
pop punk bands you should start listening to before pop punk dies →lowercase intended →bands mentioned: 48
Jayden. With Confidence. by jayrassicparkxx
Jayden. With Confidence.by HERE FOR NOTHING
Mave was a regular school girl. She had friends, a family that loved her and was relatively popular at school. Never did she ever think that what happened next would. Ja...
art  by cupoanxietea
art by motivational peaches
Stella - All Time Low Longview - All Time Low i hope you're all prepared
Keeper// Jayden Seeley// WithCon by loosends
Keeper// Jayden Seeley// WithConby chibiusa
Moving out is a big deal, especially when you don't even know who your roommate is. Copyright © 2017 trashton_
Bamd Trash  by Bella_The_Emo_Nerd
Bamd Trash by Dallon's My Boy<3
Bunch of jokes and shtuff. The "m" in band is intentionally put there (cause of IDKHBTFM) I'm a huge dumpster pit for bands like oh my sweet baby Geesus. EnJoY...